Saturday, October 12, 2013

The importance of Integrity

    There have been many books written on integrity from John C Maxwell to Brian Klemmer. I have come to the conclusion in recent years that many professionals have not either read these book or simply have no integrity!

   As busy entrepreneur I manage my weekly events by having scheduled meetings either by phone or meeting clients at my office or if needed location.

  I have always made an effort to show up early and be ready for the meeting. If I am late I make every effort to call or text. It could be from traffic situation (happens more often than I like) or have I have good reason to be late.

 Hence today Friday Oct 11th  I had a scheduled phone call at 11:00am to discuss an upcoming event happening at the of November and of course I had to leave a message. I did send an email to remind him and later in the day (early evening) I left an online message. At this time have not received a response.

  Later that afternoon I had a meeting at 12:30pm at Downtown coffee shop. This client is from out of town and I  give him exact instructions where we were meeting. I showed up earlier than expected and took the sights and sounds of Yonge and Dundas Square for half and hour.

 At 12:00 pm I got a text that he was going to be a few minutes late and I responded "okay".  Half an hour our later I waited outside and was enjoyed the awesome day we were having in Toronto!  Time began to tick away and I check my phone just in case to see if I missed a phone call or text. It was at 1:15pm when I sent him numerous text messages that I had go to soon and I couldn't wait.

I proceed to return to the office when I got a text that he had missed the out of town bus and he was going to be late. I had already made my mind up and was headed back.  Few minutes later he sent text apologizing for his lateness.

 The above stories share the insights that some people (not all) don't respect the time of others and don't plan ahead. Therefore they miss opportunities to learn and grow and possibly create great long-tern business or friendships.

I encourage you to read John C Maxwell or Brain Klemmer books which share the insights on integrity, leadership and much more..

 Moral of  Story. Be early is good thing to practice, creating the habit on not showing up or being late may signify areas of your life you may want to evaluate.

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