Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Power of Team Networking

It was an interesting day at the Small Business Forum on Oct 23rd at the Metro Convention Centre.  There was a main stage of speakers and panel experts sharing their insight on business, life and success.
There were exhibitors from all areas from of business. I had great conversations with friends who had attended the event. 

It was great to network with attendees and exhibitors, great way to seek new business opportunities
Tom Kaufmann, Sales Trainer and Cold Calling specialist, joined me as we took a tour of the exhibitors at the event. Three strategies were applied.

1st Ask questions
We asked numerous questions about the organization and what they did. This helped us understand their business, and what’s their value proposition was. 

2nd  Listening
Actively listening and engaging in conversation with value added information.

3rd  Business card exchange
If there was an opportunity to exchange services, we did exchange business cards.
Within 45 minutes we both walked away with 2 paid speaking leads and 2 opportunities to write articles for online websites that have high traffic.

Many attendees had approached me throughout the day stating that it wasn’t a great day. I shared them my results and they were impressed. I told them it’s about  “quality not quantity”
Moral of the story

Going to industry events is about ask questions, listening and understanding what value you bring to the conversation.

Tom Kuafmann experience

The biggest thing I have learned in attending these type of shows is not to judge an opportunity by their booth. Approach and ask questions. This allows them to speak and tell you all about their business. They will, if they are smart, ask you about your business. Now you have increased your branding and made a business friend/contact.

Do not approach a stranger you wish to speak to by being a walking – talking commercial. You all know what we do at home with commercials!

People you meet at a trade show will rarely present themselves as an immediate opportunity for business. Make a friend first – then later on, potentially make a sale. Make them want to know you better by listening to their needs, or maybe even, a colleagues needs that you can address at a later date. That way everybody wins.

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