Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Journey to using Prezi

This is an interesting journey for the few years. I love using Powerpoint. You can asked any of my good friends, Cheryl Rankin, Aline Ayoub and Bonnie Chan. They would all agree in unison!

This all change when I went to go see Entrepreneur and Founder of Network to Grow Learn more  Bonnie Chan share a presentation at the Microsoft Store at Yorkdale (they have a small seminar room at the back) in December 2013.

My entire idea of using Powerpoint changed. She shared her presentation using Prezi. An amazing online system on creating presentation that you can add images,zoom in and out ( I found that exciting!) and much more...

 I went to website and logged in and played around for a half an hour and then left it and didn't think about it for awhile.

Fast forward to October 2013. Below is timeline of events
  Tuesday Oct 1st

 I was due to meet Vito Marchese Founder of The Networker.ca Learn more in the afternoon to       pick up an invoice payment when he makes the statement " I am learning Prezi, been on it for 8hrs!" I was impressed with his determination. Had share my interest in the software and continued on my day
   Friday Oct 5th

  I was due to speak at Centennial College on the Power of Blogging at 10:30am at the Progress Campus for Susan Kates Career Class. I had arrived early and Julia Stavo  at Centennial College was speaking befor me on the importance of having a great profile. She was sharing how she used Prezi on the first page of her website to share what she does. I busy making does and saying to myself "Briliant Idea"

  These to situation had peaked my interest, I was interested the only thing was there a little bit of learning curve to understand Prezi.  This is when I had a great idea. I am host and community manager at Camaraderie Coworking.  Learn more  I could approach  Lisa Ricciuti  www.thedeletist.com and offer barter for exchange in services. I could learn Prezi little faster!

  Monday Oct 7th

 I showed up for weekly Monday shift and started my afternoon of getting work done for the week. Few hours later Lisa Ricciuti shows up! I has was ready with my verbal proposal to her and to my surprise she agreed!

  At 2:00pm that afternoon we sat down as she walked me through some basic insights on Prezi. "It's like Powerpoint on steriods" I said to Lisa. She responds in laugh " Yeah you can put it that way"

   For the next 45 minutes she explained how the frames worked, how you can video, colours and much more.

   It has been a great journey learning how Prezi can be used in so many different ways and look forward to sharing the vision of 21 Connections very soon.           

 Can't wait to share my 21 Connections Prezi with my webmaster Justin McMakin, he is going think I am a genius!

  Moral of the story:  Got to the Microsoft and who know who may find your  Prezi in your life.


      Learn more about Prezi
       Click here

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