Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SOHO-SME in Toronto a huge success!

  It was an amazing day of networking and learning and awesome afterparty!

  I won a $200 gift card from The Source in the afternoon. Huge thanks to Joseph Fernandez, Daisy Hseih and Brett Deguire for texting me about winning!


                                                     Jim Pagiamtzis and Cybele Negri

                                                       Jim Pagiamtzis and Elnaz Yadoreh
                                                        Jim Pagiamtzis and Kara Granger
                                           Jim Pagiamtzis, Theresa Laurico and Vito Marchese

                                            Cybele Negri, Jeff Quipp and Moe Somani
                                             Ingrid Vanderveldt sharing at SOHO

                                           Chala Dincoy sharing at SOHO-SME in Toronto
                                       Jim Pagiamtzis show his $200 gift card he won at event

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