Saturday, October 5, 2013

Spotlight: Michael Trapani

Michael Trapani owns Incube8 Creative in Newmarket.
incube8-emailIncube8 Creative is a small graphic design business in Newmarket that puts a strong focus on giving businesses that modern and fresh appearance to make them stand higher than their competitors. Incube8 Creative focuses on print and web design, marketing and branding.

Why did you start your business?
I wouldn’t want to work for anyone but myself. I love what I do and starting up a business is like a lifelong project. Keeps you on your toes.

A typical day in my business would be…
Start the day off with responding to emails, then diving into some design depending what the project is, followed by a 20 minute quick yoga session (if time is available) and more design, some quoting, and then some more design.

What activities have been successful in promoting your business?
The main tools would definitely be my website and business cards. Facebook and Twitter are helpful if used properly and networking.

What tips or tools do you use to stay productive?
I use my calendar on my iPhone and the reminders app. I also make checklists every day.

A bit about YOU! Who or what inspires you, or do you have any favorite business books, or anything interesting and unique about you that will help people better connect?
Well, there are always people in this world who are better than you at whatever it is you do, so I find inspiration through those individuals. I try my best to always keep myself updated with the trends, whether it is about graphic/web design, electronics, or fashion. Snowboarding is what keeps me sane in the winter and longboarding in the summer. I like meeting new people; everyone is so unique in their own way.

How has networking helped your business?
It’s given me more courage to speak with business owners, as it’s an essential tool in owning your own business, and the more contacts you have the better.

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