Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Power of a Brand

It has been a interesting journey growing my brand since 2003 when I started to out network with just a plain business card with my name,email address,phone and interesting logo! (more on that later)
As years passed I began to learn and grow personal and professionally and in May 2011 is when I first started to learn the power of branding. I was part of a mastermind group in Toronto with five other amazing entrepreneurs and this when it became apparent that I need a brand to represent what i did. I had come with name Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! It was catchy and represent my journey.

I still remember the day going to the studio to get my profile picture completed. It was exciting times. we had an event that we had planned for May 2011 and we were 5 weeks away, I needed  a brand! The group had agreed on that point. (below is the brand)



  I was excited how it turned out and it was great have brand to be represented. Feedback was positive and the event was a huge success! I used this name and logo for a few years until November 2012
that I had meeting with Justin McMakin Founder of Full Media Centre and creator of the Vision Discovery method.

 We had a working lunch at Greek restaurant where we went through an three hour vision discovery session to come up with new brand, I had expanded my business profile and need a better way to share this with my network.

So we got a piece of paper and began and in the end we came up with great 3 step plan to make my brand stand out and be noticed!

First was to launch  21 Connections. Simple way to explain 21 ways to effectively grow your business. (yes there are 21 circles!) with a great picture taken by Daisy Hsieh from Ucreates Studio and Justin McMakin artistic and web mastery. 21 Connections brands was created. It has been great journey since then. Have used my logo for various events from Biz Network News Spring and Summer Bash, FP Reach and SOHO-SME event in Toronto. www.21connections.ca


Second step was to create a website to promote my speaking business. www.jimpagiamtzis.ca. The site has been very well received.

Third was create website to combine networking, speaking and social media. This will be launched very soon.

Have brand that you are able to share and your network and understand and share is the power of having your brand work for you.

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