Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blogging your way to success at Centennial College with special guest (virtually)

          It was great experience to go back to Centennial College and share insights on how blogging can be used to create you own success. Shared insight how I turned my blog into a book and how it has inspired others to do the same. Share the story of Patrick Bizindavyi and Rania Effat

  Below are pictures and videos from Patrick Bizindavyi and Rania Effat.Cehck out their videos below

                                                   Jim Pagiamtzis at Centennial College Alumni Office
                                                  Jim Pagiamtzis sharing at Centennial College
                                                 Rania Effat sharing via You Tube
                                                     Patrick Bizindavyi sharing via You Tube
                                                  The Green Monster at Centennial College E-wing

                                        Patrick Bizindavyi sharing on his blogging story

                                                      Rania Effat sharing her blogging story

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