Saturday, October 5, 2013

Book Review: Forever Cash


        Few months ago I answered a post on Facebook of opportunity to share Forever Cash with your meet up groups or associations. I responded and in few weeks I got large box full of stuff 4 books, 2 T-shirts and lots of press material. I was impressed!
    Jack Bosch shares his authentic journey on his struggles to success the process he went through to find the business that he could be success. The true mastery of the book is he shares ides and suggestions on how you could succeed and what that could mean for not just you but everyone around you.

   He has numerous resources that he share in his book and on his website. Our goal as reader it take it and challenge ourselves to be the best we  can be. We all have unique abilities and we need to use them to make in impact for us and others.

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                                                        Jim Pagiamtzis book winner Eulalie Johnson


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