Friday, October 26, 2012

Junior Achievement Day on Oct 23rd a huge success

 Tuesday Oct 23rd was amazing day where I had opportunity to teach Dollars and Sense program at Milne Public school ( Don Valley and Lawrence). I was partnered up with Susan Alagha  like myself a Junior Achievement independent.

We had our hands full with 40 students for the entire day. We had a great time going through the various lessons on how to use money, exercises on how money is used and we played an exciting game that brought all the lesson together.

The highlight of the day is we an exercise that the students had to put a 30 second radio commercial together and present it to the class.

They were absolutely awesome!  The used techniques from comedy, rap to straight forward conversations with call to action statements. We should have recorded them and put them on You tube! They would have gotten offers for sure. It was memorable experience that makes me so proud to be part of the Junior Achievement of Ontario. Look forward to sharing again in November 2013

Have the great experience in teach various Junior Achievement of Ontario courses for the past five years. While working at FedEx Freight from 2003-2011 I went to various school in GTA and shared topics from Dream Big and Economic of Staying in School.

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