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Book review: The Financial Fitness Blueprint by Courtney Carroll



 It has been great experience to connect and learn from Courtney Carroll. We had spend all 2011 meeting every Sunday in a mastermind group and to be part of the journey on listening and learning as the book began to take shape.


The Rules of Money

Over the years I have learned to work, not harder, but smarter- which provides a much better return. I have learned to follow the rules of money laid down by those have gone down this path before. I will share these rules with you in the hope you will adopt them and put your financial affairs in order.

Rule number one:
Pay yourself first! Money comes quickly and easily to the person who commits to putting aside a minimum of 1/10 of their earning for future wealth. The more money you put away, the more you will able to attract into your life. So develop the habit of saving at least 10% of what you earn.

Rule number two:

Reduce your expenses!  If you are going to win the money game, you must reduce your expenses and live on no more than 90% of your monthly earnings. If you adopt this rule early enough in your life you should be able to retire in comfort. For those who want to ensure financial security, I  would suggest living on no more than 80% of what  you  earn. This will ensure that will have at least 20% of your income to grow your wealth. For the looking to make a significant impact on society, living on 75%  of their  income and donating 5% to bless others will bring huge rewards.

Rule number three:

Put your money to work!  Money does not eat, drink, sleep, or get tired. It is willing slave that will work tirelessly for you. You will find your money doubles over time if invested properly. So find suitable employment for your cash so it can work at making your more money.

Rule number four:

Protect your money!  Invest  in business you are familiar with. I have heard it said that the truly wealthy hate to lose money. That should be on the case for everyone, regardless of financial position, but unfortunately it is not. Your money will stay in your control if you are careful how it's handled. Capital preservation is more important that the hope of capital appreciation. A wise man will do his homework and and take  advice for those who who have successfully managed their own finances  in order not to jeopardize his capital. He will learn about a particular business by surrounding himself with people knowledgeable in that field and skilled in the handling of money. Protect your hard-earned dollars by knowing your business.

Rule number five:

Singles are better than home runs! Don't chase fancy investments that promise unrealistic returns on your money. Exercise caution, and remember that wealth is created over time- there is no magic pill. there are lots of tricksters plotting to take your money. So look for reasonable and consistent gains on your money over time, because in this ball game singles are better than homeruns.


 Chapter 10 discussed the importance of Business Ownership.  Sharing resources from book from Robert Kiyosaki and many others. Learning the advantages and lessons on what you can do owning a business.

Courtney Carroll autographs his books at Optrack Conference

Pillars of  Corporate Financial Fitness

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