Friday, October 26, 2012

Creating win-win environments

It’s the 21st century and everyone wants to win. In a recent 2 day personal mastery session I got my own lesson on creating win-win environments. I will not reveal the specifics of the game but there is great game called red/black that I participated in. 

As the facilitator began the event she began to explain the importance in building relationship and understanding yourself in the process. How you can communicate and bring values and ideas that work.
As the day continued in her teaching we all were listening to her instructions and were under the impression we could execute the game. When we actually played the game  it was entire different situation. The reason I am sharing this example is to explain that  we do life a certain way and for the most part it works. What we don’t realize is that areas we don’t do well that we may not realize that we are! 

This will affect the situation as to created strategic and value added long term relationships with contacts in our network.  Going through  process of continued learning is important for an abilities to mature and create new learning pathways.

 When I have a meeting with a potential joint venture partner I always so “ I would like to create a win-win situation do you agree?”  majority of the time they say yes and we get started with a plan on how to achieve it. Two factors to consider:

1st  Make sure that there is strategic value that can be shared and implemented. This is by getting everything on pep and paper or on you iPad. Then  follow-through until it gets completed.

2nd  Accountability throughout the process they you are both delivering on your commitments and the win-win situation is happening. If there is no accountability then integrity and many other factors can be affected.

Creating in a win-win situation is great way to succeed in the 21st century, the act you being able to work together to achieve a specific goals gives both partners confidence and allows their unique abilities to combined and create successful result.

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