Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Review: The Thank you Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk


  After reading Crush It few months ago I was excited to read The Thank you Economy. At then of the end  is article on meeting Gary Vaynerchuk at an event in Toronto in August

 Here what I liked about the book:

 The reality as where social media has done and where its going. Simple and straightforward examples on how engagement is working on you can do the same thing!

There is a hilarious passage in the book here Gary Vaynerchuk is coming up to stage after a speaker who shared some information that Gary found little disturbing. What he told Mr.Powerpoint! was awesome,Being a speaker I laughed for about half an hour!

3rd At the end of the book there are great tips called  "How to Win in the  Thank you Economy, the quick version. Thanks for the coles notes Gary!

 Had the great experience of meeting Gary Vaynerchuk in Toronto at the Somix 2012 at Fairmont Royal York Hotel where he delivered an amazing on hour talk on Business, Life and Success. I had many friends in the crowd who eagerly came to ask for my opinion on the talk he had given. I advise them  that I enjoyed hsi story but the f-bomb and other words were little annoying and that I was going to tell Gary about it. They were shocked and dismayed that I would do it. (keep reading, no worries no blood was dripped)

As I waited patiently in line to talk to Gary Vaynerchuk my friend was with me was happy and worried at the same time as to my conversation that I was going to have.

I told Gary how I fell and he was so gracious and understanding and in the end he agreed! (to a point). He shared a quick story with me that If  I did that I would be making..... (Hence the privacy of the conversation)
In the end I was satisfied and took a great picture with him (see below)
                                                       Gary Vaynerchuk and Jim Pagiamtzis

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