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December 31,2010 New Years Eve Party

3 Great stories of inspiration

It was an evening of anticipation at the Meet Market Adventures New Years Eve event at the Acadian Court in Toronto. (Simpson Tower Bay & Queen)  Expecting 1500 people party was going to create an excited atmosphere for this amazing venue.

DJ  Doctor G was the host DJ for the night. He gets the energy level moving all night and gladly to requests.
1s   A brief moment of coaching and motivation had a positive effect!

Had a great conversation with Sujit K. Reddy who I had not met, but had been connected online via social network. We had great conversation talking about numerous connections that we had in common. Our conversation quickly changed regarding the event for the evening and the hesitation he had. Mainly to do that he is in a wheel chair and that he had challenge connection and have engaging conversations. I kneeled down and gave him a short coaching session. Sharing insight regarding that is not about him but about the person he is speaking to and listen to them, related some TV shows he was aware of how little people can become big stars (great teachers). He thanked me for the conversation and we went our separate ways.
Few hours later he rolled by and said “not sure what you did to me but it worked!” I patted him on the shoulder and he whizzed by, later on as I was on the dance floor enjoying the evening I saw him from the corner of my eye have a spirited dance with a female dance partner.
Moral of the Story
You can motivate and inspire other all you want. Until they take action they will truly see the power they truly have to live their lives to their fullest potential.
2nd  Games of  the Night

At the Meet Market Adventures New Year’s event there were various events being played to have the participants have engaging and enjoyable conversation to start the evening. One of the games was to find a attendee of the of the opposite sex who had attended the event 2  years in a row and you would be given a pass go to the VIP section on the second floor to mingle with more people and participate in more games and get your picture with a live snake! (that was my motivation for this exercise).
Began to mix and mingle and within half hour met to ladies you had been to the event 2 years in a row, proceeded to report back to the desk and were informed the contest had change and they would not allow us to go the VIP. I pleaded with the organizer for a few minutes and got the point where he went and ask the supervisor of the event. He returned and said they would not go, I was little and upset and apologized to the two ladies. They were impressed with my persistence and persuasion on not giving up so easily. We walk away from the table and I was still not willing to give up! Just then I had an AHA moment. Early in the evening had met a friend who has been working with MMA for many years and we had met her a various events throughout the year. Tracked her down and shared her with what had happened. She instantly grabbed me by the shoulder and my two friends and brought us to the VIP table got our stamp and were on our way to the VIP sections. Thank my friend and escorted my friends on each side of me to our new destination. They were absolutely amazed by my determination, persistence and persuasion on achieving the goal. We had an amazing evening!
Setting your situational challenge like the one above get you thinking and motivation to think outside the box and you will be surprised to believe in your own unique abilities.
3rd  DJ Doctor G Story

We met at the Roots Store at (Bay and Bloor) Year ago and exchange cards. We had connected a couple of event through the Toronto (Live Green and  Swap Sity) in late December he had sent me message via Facebook  that his done party for a family member of Travis Hartlely president of MMA. I was impressed! It was my please to see him be the host  DJ on the Meet Market Adventures New Years Eve party on December 31.2011. He did an awesome entertaining the crowd the entire evening with top 40 songs  and taking requests.
Direct: 416-949-8066
Moral of Story
Be persistent and determined will yield results. You will face obstacles in your journey your goal is go over, under or through, because on the other side is victory

Have a Happy New Year!  Make 2012 Your Year!

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