Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reaping the Benefits of Bartering

Want to trade your business consulting for tax advice? Some marketing know-how for web development?

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur or a small business owner looking to conserve cash, you should give bartering a try! Internet-based swapping is quickly growing in popularity among consumers and businesses in Canada. Open yourself up to barter and create new business opportunities for yourself by converting your unused resources into useful ones. If your business has empty appointment slots, vacant space or a surplus inventory, swapping can turn these things into viable commodities while promoting your products and services. Just like cash transactions, business barter transactions are taxable in Canada.

Bartering is not just for business. As an individual, you can save money, recycle and meet new people by swapping. Unused gift cards, DVDs you have watched countless times or electronic gadgets are all swap-worthy. You can even offer your photography skills or rent your cottage on barter.

Need more reasons to swap your professional goods and services or your personal talents? Check out this fantastic article on 12 Reasons to Swap More in 2012 by Swapsity, a Toronto-based swapping community. 

To get started with swapping, join their community for free and come out to one of their swap events.
Happy swapping, everyone!

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