Monday, January 16, 2012

3 Reasons to attend Seminars

Personal  Development  is billion dollar industry.  For some of you that may be surprising industry for the entrepreneurs  reading that you may be very excited! (see reason at the end)

Being on your journey of going to school and learn various subject has been continous seminar, at  the end we get our achievement on a piece of paper  (which we should be proud of) and then we decide we don’t need to learn anymore. We may go to the  book store and pick up a book and on title that may interest us and then put it on the bookshelf and don’t but principles into action! 

To continue develop and grow requires commitment and confidence to make it a successful habit of success. Many great leaders from the present and past have shared great quotes that  insights of  essence of  their success. Movies and documentaries have been made on the topic in recent years, The secret , Pass it on! to name of few.

1st Association
As you go out and meet entrepreneurs and business leaders, you will begin to develop your own network of professionals in difference industries. Many of these people will become lifelong friends, other may become partners in business ventures, and a few will become important mentors and leaders from who you will learn invaluable lesson.

                                   “It’s the glue that holds everything together”

 Associating with success is the ingredient gives you insights into the mindset of success. It can be short or long conversation you may share. Ability to ask multiple people questions on various topics at the same place. You are all on the journey of success using the principles that you learn, do and apply on daily basis. Through association your are verify that you are doing certain things correctly and other areas you may need more education.

Ability to engage and ask questions is a key factor in getting the right information for the correct source. My mentors always encourage asking questions at seminar and events. Your question may be starting a discussion that may lead the participants into a great momentum into the event and make a better impact for all.
                                                      “Learn, Do and Apply”

The ability to learn is the first important principle in the process of become better in any activity, from becoming a better leader, speaker or mentor. Taking that information and doing something with it will yield the results of satisfaction or failure. Learning the lessons why you failed in a seminar environment is a “safe area” rather than doing it in a professional environment where you may not get the lesson and possible embarrassment.

3rd  Action
Being in this environment creates great synergy with the group and will allow you to start momentum to achieve the desired result. 

Accountability is strategic way to make sure you keep on track with your progress on a weekly basis. Working with someone who specifically will keep you accountable towards this will keep you moving forward. Life issues will get in the way, the goal of your partner is to remind you and give you laser-focused to getting the result.

Reminders are going to be important. You have to decide which the best way to make this program work is. Is going to be by weekly phone call? Daily text messages?  or email communications? This has to fit for both of you for it to work.
Persistence toward your goal will yield the result. Being in a room with motivated individuals who want to achieve their results will be fuel that will be crucial to  your success.  You individual persistence will be important for the team to succeed.

Moral  of the story
Don’t  you want a piece of that billion dollar industry?  Invest in yourself and become the leader that shares the value and creates wealth you deserve.

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