Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 reasons to join LinkedIN

Social Media has changed the way we share our profile, from having an online profile to a professional resume.  Getting your resume on Monster, Workopolis  may give you the reach and exposure to attract employers or headhunters if you choose.  Utilizing  this social media tool can give you the opportunity to reach out and take advantage of opportunities that  you want.
Put  your  profile on LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networking sites  will give you access to industries and connections in specific  areas of interest. Started in May 2003 it has grown exponentially to attract CEO, executives and many

1st  Expertise

In your journey  you have completed various areas of schooling, achieving accreditations goals or have become a talent speaker or writer. These are great areas to share with your new and future connections.  There are helpful profiles to use that will guide you where to put enter this information. You are building your profile online that give you flexibility on how and where to use it. 

2nd Leverage

You can leverage your resources and connections as you are building your profile. Add new connections or LinkedIn can recommend connections to you, as your build your profile industry you belong to will be matched with connections in the database. Having only 50 to 100 connections can yield you great impact into connections of others, option is available to via 2nd and 3rd connections of your initial first connection.
3rd Recognition

Having Award and Achievement  to enhance your profile, winning sales awards, completing certification courses to volunteering for organizations these are recognition based events that are important in your journey 
of success.


There are various individual groups you can join specific to your industry that you can join. Most of them are free and few of them are permission based. You want to keep up-to-date and get weekly reminders you can set it up with a few clicks.

You can also post comment and feedback to comments being made on various subject and use your expertise to show your knowledge on various topics.

5th  Book reviews

There is great feature where you can share insight on books you have read or you are going to read. You can add mini-report and even add you comment on for book you really enjoyed!
LinkedIn is a big program that has many  areas to use. The above are recommendations  that  I have sharing  through  numerous conversations and speak engagement that I have completed. Feel to do your  own research of other areas in this great program.

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