Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spotlight: Gary Keane

Recently had attended an event where I heard the logic and understand on how the internet is working and what make it great opportunity for the IT community to deliver a quality product. Greg Keane from It Help Crew has delivered results to his clients.

1st    The internet is a evolving entity that is changing everyday. What was the inspiration into get in a business in providing IT assistance?

The inspiration came from many things, the knowledge that IT is very important and a strong belief that this is a service that businesses must have, that this is an enormous multi-billion dollar industry and growing. Only 10% MSP adoption rate for small businesses which means enormous market potential. I also believed I could deliver excellent services more efficiently and at a better price than the current players of the game. I think I was born an entrepreneur and so starting and running a business was a natural progression after working in IT for so many years.

 2nd  Small and medium size business are very focus on sales why is important they look after there IT needs?

Of course sales are key and very important but in today’s technology reliant environment built around the efficiency  of computers and the networks they rely on if your IT is not up to par or not working then there becomes a break down in the vital synergy that is needed to operate your business. Too many business owners do not clearly understand the impact and cost of having even your front-line computer down for just a few hours. There could be possible lost sales, lost customer loyalty, and the fact that you are now paying the front-line employee to twiddle their thumbs. Depending on the type of work you’re in a downed computer could impact your operations greatly. Now image if it was a device that affects the entire office like a server or router.
Computers and computer technology are vital to business operations, our CRM, website, sales force, POS, VOIP, chat, teleconference, design, building operations, HRM all live on the digital landscape, that little black box humming away is your companies MVP. - Your personal computer help desk.

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