Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Networking Bash at Atlantis a massive success #THEBASH

    It was an awesome day at the Summer Networking Bash at Ontario Place (Atlantis) on Aug 12th

    We had Amy Banks, Tom Stoyan,and Jim Cathcart speaking during the afternoon session.

    Carolyn Ellis Founder of Brilliance Mastery capturing all the information!

    In the evening it was all about networking, connection and eating all the amazing food

    At 9pm we had some amazing give-aways and then it was Salsa time with Jim Cathcart doing the locomotion song with his guitar.

     Huge thanks to Jennifer Beale and her team for awesome event at the Atlantis (ontario place)





Jim Pagiamtzis and Jazz Clement

Jim Pagiamtzis and Jim Cathcart

Jim Pagiamtzis and Lawrence Beesley

Jim Pagiamtzis and Neil Goldhar

Jim Pagiamtzis and Nelson Hudes

Jim Pagiamtzis and Terry Holdershaw

Larry cooper and Sujit Reddy

Lawrence Beesley and Jennifer Beale

Rachel Young and Kylie Lothham

Rachel Young sharing on colloboration

Said Henry and Jim Pagiamtzis

Deserts ready to opened

Salsa at 9m

Jim pagiamtzis and Hanna Guera and friends Salsa at 9

CN Tower shining bright in the late evening

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