Monday, August 24, 2015

Coconut Festival a massive success

           It was an awesome day to have an event in Downtown Toronto. David Pecaut Square was transformed into a odyssey of various booths sharing various types of coconut for everyone to try and taste.

        Feature Speaker and Author Max Haroon was sharing information on 7 steps to dental health and book he co-wrote with experts dentists with international experience and education.  I had the great honour to introduce Max Haroon, he has been mentor of mine since 2003.

       There was food,fun and lots of dogs! 


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Jim Pagiamzis at Coconut Festival in Downtown Toronto

Two massive building on south side of king

Jim Pagiamtzis introducing Max Haroon

Jim Pagiamtzis and attendee

Jim Pagiamtzis and his full Toronto Blue Jays gear #! in AL East

Jim Pagiamtzis and Max Haroon
T Dots Naansense food truck

Jim Pagiamtzis trying some food for the 1st time

Kelani Dance group

Laura Tyson and Author and Speaker Max Haroon

Max Haroon sharing insight on Dental Health

Audience at Cocnut Festival listening to Max Haroon

Mrs Britain making her entrance

Roy Thompson Hall

Two dogs next to us

Volunteer and Max Haroon

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