Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review: How To Network Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone Book 1 Live events


     "Think book powerful information that will change your insights and perspective that you can network and be effective! Bobby Umar and Ryan Coelho give you the strategic information your need to succeed" Jim Pagiamtzis Author Get Connected 21st Century, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Are you tired of feeling alone, awkward or anxious at networking events?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Many people are not confident when it comes to networking. They either have not been taught how to do it or they are approaching it with an “old school” mentality. In this e-book, we will guide you through all you need to know to make authentic connections that will lead you to a future filled with opportunities.

Benefits of learning how to network include:
• Know how to effectively communicate with other people
• Navigate through difficult conversations
• Learn from people you might have never talked to before
• Build self-confidence and self-esteem
• Become a better presenter, negotiator and influencer
• Make your current relationships stronger and more meaningful

We have designed this book in a way that teaches you various tactics to use throughout the five stages of a live event networking opportunity, which include:

Stage 1: Preparing for Networking
Stage 2: Starting a Conversation
Stage 3: Carrying a Conversation
Stage 4: Ending a Conversation
Stage 5: The Follow-up

Coming up after this Book 1 is:
Book 2: Online & Social Media Networking
Book 3: One-on-one meetings

About the Author

Bobby Umar Bobby is a 4-time TEDx speaker, internationally published author, Huffington Post contributor and Leadership catalyst. A champion of authentic connection 'lost leaders' and heart-based leadership, Bobby brings an engaging presence, endless exuberance and dynamic people skills to his presentations. With a background in brand marketing, engineering and the performing arts, Bobby draws on his diverse 20-year career to lead Raeallan, whose mission is to discover, inspire and develop leadership in Gen Y and Gen X. Thousands of people across North America have felt an authentic connection with Bobby's energetic keynotes and funny personal stories on personal branding, networking and social media. He has been ranked the 4th biggest leadership influencer on social media and the 2nd best business coach to follow on Twitter. Learn more at Ryan Coelho With a passion for personal development and love of people, Ryan Coelho has dedicated the past few years of his life developing others and energizing audiences. He focuses on bringing a high energy approach to his presentations in order to get people excited about bettering themselves; learning to get what they want in life; and most importantly, finding out how to get out of their own to do so. Some key highlights of Ryan's career include speaking at TEDxRichmondHill; receiving a standing ovation from 1000 students at Queen's University; and producing his popular program personal development, Engineering Success. Learn more at

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