Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Opportunity Knocks in 72 hours it happens!

  It was Wednesday night August 19th and I was chilling reading a book when I get a call from Dwayne Richard and he says " interested in doing a paid talk this Friday?"  I was little lost for words " Yeah sure " I said

  The journey began to learn more about this opportunity and how I was going fit it in my crazy schedule I had for the next day Thursday!

   Dwayne Richard says " Call her tonight and figure it out!"

 So I just that called the contact we spoke for 20 minutes, she was satisfied with my experience and we were a go!

  He assistant sent over the powerpoint deck to pamphlet to review for the lesson on Thursday at 4:00pm by that time I had been up since 9;00am had 2 meetings and by 5;00pm I had just come back for a session regarding an event for late September.

I viewed the slide and pamplet and seemed very simple and straight forward. By the time I got back from my evening event it was 1:00am Friday morning and I was exhausted!

 Got up 6;00am had breakfast and reviewed the material before I headed out. The location was not very far 30 minute drive but I was still nervous!

  I got there early and prepared in the car. The owner of the company showed up and we had coffee and discussed the class. She said  " You will be fine"

  The class started at 9:30am and I had 6 students had made a paid commitment to learn Powerful Presentation strategies that work

  I began and within the first hour I had their interest and attention!  It was teaching, learning and interaction that gave the morning the flow I need to share my personal insights and experiences.

  The first section was how to put together a powerpoint using the sandwich technique (begin, middle and end) It was the next section that I was excited about. How to create and effective elevator pitch.

 Luckily I had written my down the day before and with some instruction on the white board I told the attendees they have to do theirs!

  I took a 10 minute break and when I returned I put them at the front of the room and did they ever deliver impactful elevator speeches.

   I gave them all standing ovation!

   Moral of the Story:  You may get a phone call with an opportunity will you be ready to take action?

Dwayne Richards and Jim Pagiamtzis at Donate and Learn June 2014


Canadian Training Company : Powerful Presentation

Jim Pagiamtzis getting ready to share Powerful presentation at Staples at Sherway Gardens

Jim Pagiamtzis at the podium

The class is on break!

Jim Pagiamtzis in his element screen, white board and flipchart

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