Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Review: Mirror Mirror The Law of Attraction in Action-Grand Adventures on Journey to Empowerment


        " It was an awesome experience to read Sunni Boehme journey into the law of attraction and how she manifested an extra-ordinary journey all over the world meeting great people along the way" Jim Pagiamtzis Author, Speaker, Blogger

Join manifestation goddess and life success coach Sunni Boehme, as she travels from Milwaukee to Majorca, from Piccadilly to Paradise, from Gothenburg to Golan — all the while fulfi lling her wildest dreams
of laughter, luxury, and love.
   By sharing her amazing  experiences from her life and travels, Boehme offers a blueprint for people looking to make miracles happen
in their lives.
Boehme chronicles her adventures after a near-death car accident at the age of 35. The accident caused
Boehme to re-examine her life and resulted in the decision to sell all her possessions and leave for Europe
without a plan or a place to stay. Her subsequent adventures are fi lled with fun, romance, and miraculous
stories of prayers and dreams answered time and again in magical ways.
Author Sunni Boehme is a sought-after speaker and life success coach, who teaches workshops on
manifestation at women’s conferences all over the country and the globe. She also works with clients one-
on-one to manifest their dreams. With Boehme’s support and encouragement, more than 1,800 private
coaching clients and thousands of seminar clients have changed their attitudes, their lifestyles,and their lives.
In addition to having an academic master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, Boehme is an ordained interfaith Wedding Minister thorugh the Universal Brotherhood. Boehme resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she
owns her own women’s fashion boutique, Global Goddess Fashions, which coaches women of all sizes “how to dress right for your body type.

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