Thursday, July 17, 2014

SharefestTO a huge success at CSI in Toronto #sharefestTO

         It was an amazing evening of sharing, learning and socializing at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto (Annex)

          Skill Tree Toronto had an amazing booth which encourage attendees to make their candle using eggcarton, paper and wax and make shift firestarter with newspaper and string!

           Swapsity had sent out message to bring you beloved books and trade them for something else.

         Coworking Toronto had table sharing insights on various coworking spaces in Toronto

  Learn more about Skill Tree Toronto  Learn more
  Camaraderie Coworking  Learn more


What can you commit to share?
attendees at Sharefest TO

Registration table at Sharefest TO

Various table at the Sharefest TO

Swapsity book swap room

                                                         Skill Tree Booth
                                                     Skill Tree booth
                                                          Skill Tree booth
                                                Angela Bepple (right) speaking with attendee


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