Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7 Ways to Overcoming Barriers in Employment

1st  The biggest barrier in employment for a newcomer is no Canadian experience. What should I be doing to overcome this barrier?

This is a common concern I hear all the time. They key part is that you do have experience where it is, that's the important part. On your resume don't mention where your from just the experience. In your conversation focus on the experience and how are a fit for the company you are talking to.

It's all about the control of the conversation and dealing with the need of the employer.

 Take the experience and turn into an advantage rather than a negative and will soon find common to better conversations with future employers

2nd  Deciding on a career is very difficult. What should I be doing in order to help me choose the right career for me/

  Great exercise to do is get a piece a paper and write down everything you like to do, from hobbies, volunteers work, schooling activities. This will give you the groundwork to put you in the frame of mind on what you should focus on and direct in the path of successful career.

   Talk to mentors and leaders in your network who know you and ask for the feedback and suggestions on what they see in you.

3rd  There are so many ways now to look for employment: I'd like to know what the best and most effective way is?

  We are in the 21st Century and they are may ways from online and offline to look for the idea career. The key is to have the focus and determination on what you are looking for and stick with it.

  Networking and meeting new people, attending various events and looking at strategic website that you can use to narrow down your focus is important.

  Develop a plan and use it. You may make some changes along the way (that's okay) In the end your are on the journey of finding that ideal career.

4th   How can I demonstrate my knowledge and skills on my resume?

 There are some many ways to do is. You have to decide which are the strongest skills and strengths an ptu them on first. Be a specific and clear as you can.

  The ability to adapt and change your resume will happen depending on the type(s) of positions you are applying for

5th  How do I effectively prepare for an interview?

  Preparing for an interview is important aspect that many people don't do, and then they wonder why the weren't hired

  1st Check out and the company's website. Take notes, call somebody and ask some general questions about them. Some company have downloadable reports and videos.

 2nd  Practice with a friend or a mirror. Deal with potential question they will ask you and have prepared answers you can work with

3rd  When your being interviewed be patient and listen to the questions asks. If you need time to think just take a deep breath or create a distraction (drop a pen or pretend you have to sneeze)

6th  I can't seem to find a job. Very often I get turned down.What is causing this?

 There is a saying "doing things over and over and expecting a different result that the cause of insanity"

  You have to be aware of this and if its happening you have to STOP and re-evaluate the situation.

  1st  Resume: Have you had it review lately?  Is the information and words you are using strong enough?

   2nd Daily:  What are you doing daily? Which website are using?  Are the specific to your industry? 

  3rd  People: Who is assisting you in your journey? Have you shared with your network on specific career you are looking for?  Put a team together, do you have an accountability partner to report to weekly/ He or she will keep you on clear path to success. 

Analyze what you are doing by writing everything down and re-evaluate all the time

7th  I am intimidated when I network, How do I overcome this?

   Network, Network, Network. It's the most import and crucial part in journey of landing the career you are looking for.  If you feel intimidated when you network her are some important things to do.

  1st  Motivation. Listen to motivational tapes (available local library, online) Read book with powerful stories.

  2nd  Get an accountability partner to come with at events. Being with someone create the synergy of feeling comfortable and having them work with you and dealing with questions you may get

 3rd Confidence:  We all have it. The ability to exercise it daily is the issue and that is something you can take steps to improving and becoming better at. There are various seminars and events that happen in your area. Attend one and networking with the leaders and mentors in the room and study how they exert confidence.From the way they stand, dress and interact with people

At the end of the day is applying these strategies and tips and create the environment for you to succeed and find that career you are looking for.

*Huge thanks to Aline Ayoub from Aline Ayoub HR these questions were asked at the Canada Job Expo on July 19,2014 for a panel discussion that was done. Participants were Murali Murthy, Paul Hill, Greg Taba and Ghufran Ahmad and Aline Ayoub

Jim Pagiamtzis
21 Connections Website

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