Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book Review: Networking is not Working by Derek Coburn


There have been many books written on the how to network effectively and grow your network and business. Derek Coburn takes all these and throws them out the window!

 Getting into the specifics what you really need to do to  achieve results. This may upset and anger many networking professionals reading the book. As you go through his proven strategies and tips, it will lay the groundwork to create a foundational plan to generate results in your network.

 From creating new connections ( how to that correctly) and generating results to increase revenue and also be able to have long term reciprocity happening within your network.

 Throughout the book there are  links, websites that you can use and implement to create a long term winning strategy to have a vibrant and effective network of connections.

  There are relationship that can be created, nurtured with those there are possibilities to explore.

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