Sunday, July 20, 2014

Honest Ed's big announcement partnership with Bad Boy Furniture on Sunday July 20,2014

  It was a big announcement on Sunday July 20,2014 at the Honest Ed's Store on Bloor and Bathurst.

  Bad boy Furniture will be moving in on November 2014 and use 12-15 thousand square feet of store space.

 Article in The Star  Read more

                  Mel Lastman sharing news on new partnership with Honest Ed's

           Blayne Lastman sharing news on Honest Ed's partnership with Bad Boy Furniture


    David Mirvish sharing insights on new partnership with Bad Boy Furniture


Blayne Lastman being interviewed my media

Mr. Canada Thumbs up

Honest Ed's Markham and Bloor

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  1. when my wife stepped in and said lets go before you do something you may regret. So we left and I will never ever ever step into another Art Scam store again. F... Art Scam ! Demir Leather