Monday, July 21, 2014

Live Green Toronto Festival: Swap Zone book surprise and meeting Maestro Wes Williams (Maestro Fresh Wes)

            It has been amazing experience to attend Swapsity event in the past few years. The Live Green Toronto Festival event held this past weekend was one to remember!

           I headed down to the event in the late evening and as I passed by the Yonge & Dundas Square I heard that Maestro Fresh We was singing his popular tune from the 1989. (see video below)

         I continued my walk toward the Swapsity Swap Zone  tent to donate 6 books and see if I could find some great books in return.

          It was a rainy day in Toronto, the Swapzone was fully covered and there lots of books, dvd to choose from. As I looked through the pile of books I noticed a book that had the title Joseph Conrad Lord Jim. (must be worth the read with that on it!)

         Picked up books on golf, sales, web analytics and near then I cam across a book with the title Stick to your Vision by Maestro Wes Williams. If that's not synergistic not sure what to call it! Picked up and made my way back to Yonge and Dundas Square.

         Maestro Fresh Wes had just finished his set on stage  and Mia Martina was up doing her singing. (I was momentarily distracted for a few minutes!)

        I headed  towards the side entrance and asked the security guard if  Maestro Wes Williams would be coming out for autographs, he went to ask and returned saying "in a few minutes, he is doing media interviews"  it felt longer than that!

   As I waited  there was a guy with one his old cassette tapes and he had shared that it was one of his purchases he had made with this own money back then!

        Eventually Maestro Wes Williams came out and feeling excited I showed him the book I scored at the Swap Zone. Upon see it he flashed a smile from Toronto to Venus!  He signed the book and we took a great selfie together (see below)

  Moral of the story;  Attend events you never know what treasure you may find and awesome people you will meet!

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Maestro Wes Williams: Stick to your Vision
Jim Pagiamzis and Maestro Wes Williams

                                                 Books to  Swapzone


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