Monday, July 14, 2014

Seeking Career Opportunities

Seeking roles: Account Executive:inside sales Community Manager Sales Associate Management Consultant Social Media Speaker/ Trainer Event Organizer Blogger Transportation (Dispatcher) Speaker No interested in MLM opportunities Feel free to connect 416-894-7859 CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Familiar with Personality programs DISC and KOLBE Articulate communicator and have worked with various internal database and corporate systems Understand and speak Greek (fluently) Proficient in MS Office 2013: Word ,Excel, PowerPoint ,Google Docs. Tech savvy and teachable Utilized Constant Contact for 3+ years. Full service social platform. Have 5+ years of experience with client care Camaraderie Co-working ( (Bartering) March 2013 -Current Daily Host and Community Manager Use Yammer social networking software to communicate with internal network. Updates members daily Post and share daily and weekly insights on social media channels Give guided tours to prospective professionals and entrepreneurs and handle inquiries via phone or walk-ins Make daily update to operational journal and membership usage Entrusted with managing list of closing duties Complete projects given by owner such as creating daily social networks information, neighborhood campaign, seek summer events to promote facility etc. Promoted and participated in events like Potlucks, Movie nights, Networking events Hold one-one sessions with clients from video production and discovery sessions Have Public Speakers Association and other marketing events at location monthly Constant Contact Accredited Solutions Provider 2013 October 2011-Current. Have achieved ongoing social media clients & paid residual income since December 2011 Present authorized power point presentations on Toolkit program Participate in monthly webinar on various social media topics Attend events and tradeshows sponsored by Constant Contact. Networker, Toronto Entrepreneur Show, Business Connections Will be attending conference in Orlando, Florida October 2014 Assisted with booth at Toronto Entrepreneur Conference May 2013 & 2014, Business Connection Networking Conference/ Summer Bash Feb 2011,12.13 Summer Bash 2012/2013 The March 31,2014 (paid) Authorized Local Expert Trainer (Toronto) Jan 2012- Jan 2014 (Contract) . Access to revenue generation with client register for paid monthly contracts. Have spoken to numerous corporate organizations and completed evening and full day training programs (30+ participants) Share multiple presentations from, Social Media Marketing Simple and Power of Email Marketing Getting start with Email Marketing. Responsible for educating existing and new clients who register with social platform. Have spoken at Trios College in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto on Social Media Marketing Made Simple with Constant Contact FedEx Freight Canada Inc. (purchased by Watkins) February 2009- November 2011 Special Project: Senior Diversity Council Member (May 2009- November 2011) • Integral member of selected internal group which held monthly conference calls on personal and professional development topics and met with employees regarding ongoing education on diversity initiatives mandated by company. Spearheaded two diversity boards on a monthly basis. Contributor to internal newsletters, magazines and intranet having published five articles on personal and professional growth (fitness, mentorship, personal growth stories and company initiatives). Attended week long Diversity Conference in Harrison, Arkansas Sept 2012 where I participated and facilitated various workshops Received Diversity Council Education Diploma for courses completed Operations Support Staff Trained new employees on IT systems and business procedures within division. Responsible for returns, cash management, delivery confirmation, bill of lading imaging, bondshed pick ups and delivery documentation. Managed over 75 driver reports, daily logs, daily mileage and all external communications with contractors. Kept track of 75+ driver reports via excel programs and entered daily mileage in ACCOPS system nightly. Managed over 200 driver pick-ups and deliveries daily. Managed and updated driver daily log files and com-data sheets and daily, submitted to contractor relations on monthly basis. Integral member in creation and implementation of bondshed procedures to track movement of products. Familiar with e-manifest system and ACE. Used PAPS and PARS. Watkins Canada Express Inc (Purchased Fairway Canada Express Inc. ) July 2003 -February 2009. Cubing Specialist and Operations Support Staff Updated and kept track of CPC pallets via spreadsheet program initiated returns when required. Assisted in creating postal code program to better assist operations in finding cities and towns in geographic areas. Measured freight and made sure it complied with specifications of weight and standards set by company. Assisted in contractor relations dealing with driver paperwork and training. Learned about billing and other functions of operations. Operated forklift (licenced at that time) and assisted dock operations when required in loading and unloading freight. Special Interests: Volunteered for Junior Achievement (Economics of Staying in School), Truck Driving Championships (June 2009 & 2011), Rick Hansen event. Climbed CN Tower, prepared and participated in internal Diversity events Event Volunteer for the Ontario Summer Games August 2012 Pan Am / Para Pan Am 2012 American Games (Currently submitted application to be Ambassador for July 2014 at Nathan Philips Square) and will be engaged in seeking opportunities to part of media, public relations for event in July 2015 Founder of 21 Connections – Learn, Speak & Socialize Empowering entrepreneurs with strategies that work! July 2003– Current Published Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur Successfully delivered 6 week course on Business Planning and 4 other topics to Wellesley Community Youth Group Have written book Get Connected 21st Century Online & Offline Strategies that work! (available for download) Leveraged articles into numerous speaking from Enterprise Toronto to Burkert Fluid Control Systems Active blogger for 5 years (1000 blog posts) Written articles for online publications from Staples Business Depot, Metro Active and Toronto Public Library Delivered many joint ventures talks from Profit Leaders (April 2011), Word 11 (Aug2011) to expos and seminars in Toronto and GTA. Published articles online for Toronto Public Library and Centennial College, FedEx Freight Canada (intranet) Appeared on That & Blogtalk radio shows Consulting work with Burkert Fluid Control on “Successful Sales Strategies and “Networking your way to Success” Co-organizer of Meet-up group in Newmarket, for 2 years Entrepreneur Speed Networking Active in listening, reading and attending personal and professional seminars. Expert Author Certificate from Ezine Articles Education Graduate of Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology (Diploma in General Business 1994 3 Year course which included co-op program. Worked at Oshawa Food (Lakeshore) for 2 four months terms. 1st in Diary 2nd in Frozen Food (co-op) Training Have completed numerous weekend and full-day seminars to expand personal development and success skills Business Connects 2008-13 Complete Director modules training for Public Speaker Association (May 2013), monthly calls are held with Founder/CEO Tonya Hofmann Complete ongoing monthly training webinar provided by Constant Contact on various topics on social platform Completed Accreditation for Solution Provider for Constant Contact (May 2012) will be going through certification for 2014 soon Completed Email Marketing Full-day Boot camp using Constant Contact (April 2013) Millionaire Mind Intensive (once year)2005-2013 ,Ultimate Wealth Forum (November 2013),Klemmer Personal Mastery (December 2012) Radical Focus Seminars with Author/ Trainer James Burgess (Full day) Spring and Winter 2013 including weekly telephone sessions on repurposing blog content, networking strategies and how to leverage his online book and home study course program Various Social Media and Personal Development events Social Media Marketing Summit (Enterprise Toronto) April 2014 Webinars with Marc Gordon (Fourword Media) Craig Elias Have spoken for Canada Job Expo since 2011 on Networking, LinkedIn Career Door 2009-2010 for IT professionals on Mentorships The Influence Index May 2007

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