Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spotlight:Greg Turner

Question 1:
How do you build client relationships on digital media?
Think about what it is that your clients constantly ask you for advice about, and what are their most common concerns. Some of what they will ask you for is advice, and your expert opinion, something that you tend to offer in conversation  for free. Why not provide this advice digitally. Create content, speaking to the deepest concern of your clients. Your clients already see you as an expert authority in your field, you can lend your voice to various topics of their concern in the format of newsletters, webinars, blogs and ebooks.

Question 2:
How do you use mobile apps to keep customers engaged?


It is very important for any business, to be visible at all times. Being in the consciousness of the people you market to, increases the likelihood that they will come to you. The majority of your clients have mobile phones and spend a considerable amount of time, paying close attention to their mobile device. You can make it more convenient for them
to communicate with you by offering them access to your business, through mobile apps. Share your expertise through a mobile app, so that your business can be more than  a business they patronize from time to time, 
 instead, be a business that makes a profound positive impact on their lives. The content is important, because the content you share has to offer real value to whoever you engage. The added visibility and the added value you offer through your communication, develops trust and loyalty with your brand.

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