Monday, June 9, 2014

Journey to showing some neighborhood love!

   There is statement that says "picture is worth thousand words" it has been used by many to describe pictures of various places and experiences.

   Few years ago I did a photo shoot to come up with new picture for my business card. It was process that that was funny, interesting and in the end gratifying.

   When I share my business card with new people usually get the women saying "great smile" or "nice card" and the men not really taking notice. (I okay with that!) In the end its about the experience of make good first impression and then making an awesome followup.

 So when my photographer who took that amazing photograph ask for some assistance to promote her business in the neighbourhood recently, I said Yes!

  It was Friday June 6th,2014 an amazing sunny day and I had arrange to go for sales and promotion walk with her.

  As we sat at the foot steps at her place I shared a story about an experience I had this past December at Camaraderie Coworking Learn more. I am Host and Community Manager. Had be given task to complete with the business in our area.

    As I shared with her the story and what I had done. Which seemed very straightforward and simple, she wasn't that excited about it. When I go to the point that Rachel Young Founder of Camaraderie Coworking told me 'it's about sharing some neighborhood love" my friends all of sudden got very excited about what the plan was for the day.

 I was little perplexed and said "Did you hear anything I said before that?" She said "I did but the last part I could connect with!" 

 I said "okay lets go then"

  I called her the "Mrs Peter Parker" because she had the camera around her neck. She wasn't that thrilled about that!  She wasn't webs slinging!

  We started our walk and by the time we got to the end we had got some interesting results!  Hold on a few paragraphs...

  She visited two places and was in and out very quickly and she got little discourage, I said "lets keep going and enjoy the weather"

  We got to the 3rd place which was  restaurant and she walked in and didn't come out for like 15 minutes! Now I was impatient and happy!

 She eventually came out all happy and had made a great new connections. We continued our journey and visited few other places and again was short and sweet

 The we came to this interesting storefront called "Smiles from Ear to Hear"

Smiles from Ear to Hear
    She had a great conversation with owner, it was brilliant and engaging storefront which many people who walked by look at it

  As we finished our walk, we went to Tim Horton's for the debrief  (That's what us Canadians do!)

  Final result .. big drum roll... 7 places visited and 2 strong connections

 I told her "That's AWESOME" she said "When are we doing it again?"

  I responded " Your on your own now!"

  Moral of the story. We are on the journey of success,if slow down and observe we can see and notice some amazing people and places in our neighborhood!


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