Sunday, June 1, 2014

Book Review: 30 Days of Gratitude by Julie Boyer

   "Thin book, powerful read" is a statement I have made numerous time in reading various book. What really matter when reading any book is the impact the words make when you are reading them and how to they impact your life when you action.

 In the 30 Day of Gratitude, Julie Boyer takes you through here journey of applying the strategies she learn and the direct impact they make on her life. The key lesson the you way will learn you read the book is that you can apply them to!

  The ability for us to have an impact on the people around us is to first be the example for others.  Leaders, mentors were created over time through direction and belief that they we being learn from for the right reason.

  The opportunity is yours to read. learn and apply and see for yourself the journey that awaits you.

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