Sunday, June 8, 2014

Journey to becoming a reporter

  It has been an interesting journey from writing articles, leveraging them to speak and share with various groups to writing spotlight features and interview amazing professionals and entrepreneur in my network.

 My fellow blog brother Patrick Bizindavyi who writes The Journeyman Stories Link to his blog (must read blog) has shared numerous stories over the years about opportunities and people his has met in his journey.

 Last week I had an evening that was very memorable and funny that I wanted to share with everyone. Let's reverse history for a few paragraphs.

I  have shared many times in articles and conversations that you everyday you shake hands and meet people how become connected with you with online and offline.

  Last year I met the Andre Sooneste Founder of Andium link. We met a couple of networking events and had many similar interests from, Online Marketing, networking  and strategic alliances expertise.

  Couple of months ago Andre Sooneste had asked if I was interested in assisting with an for start up companies that was based in United States, They were planning there first event in Toronto and he was looking for few people to assist with the evening. I agreed (lets remember this later)

 The event was happening on Wednesday June 4 at the Cube Rooftop on Queen and Peter in the heart of the entertainment district in Toronto. Late on Friday I got an email regarding a meeting that was being held on Tuesday evening at 6pm at a local library, I email him back and advised him that I would be able to make the meeting. So he decided to have a Skype call on Monday at 3pm. I agreed (remember this)

 We had that shortest skype meeting ever, 5 minutes!

 The day had arrived and I decided to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather were having in Toronto that day. (we deserved it after the winter we had!) As I walked south it was great to see all the amazing landmarks in our great city from CN Tower, Citytv building and numbers amazing restaurants.

 I go there little earlier than I though and went on little extended walk and saw the amazing preparations that were happening for the upcoming MMVA 2014 Video Awards happening on June 14th Learn more

  As I returned back to the venue I was greeted by security and was escorted up to the rooftop patio. It was amazing space. The exhibitors were beginning to set up and support staff were getting everything ready.

  Andre Sooneste  had just arrive with clipbard in hand and ready to go.

   We great each other and then he says " change of plans, your are not doing registration you will interview  people"

  I was speechless (doesn't happen offten) " I said, well okay. what questions am I going to ask them?"

  Andres Sooneste responds " You interview people all the time,  you figure it out!"

  He was right I have in the past, but I had been prepared!

  Few minutes later I get introduced to Alex the videographer of the evening and we had our first meeting.

  I said " Nice to meet you,look forward to great evening"  next thing he hands me a microphone and  says "lets get started"

   After getting over that initiation I was bit nervous and more excited to get started.

     Wendy Ladd had this quote "Opportunity is everywhere" and I was said it to people and next thing you know I am experiencing the opportunity.

    We got started interviewing the startups where exhibiting for the evening. We did the first interview which was good but not amazing, the interviewee was excited and shared great insights on his power saving business.

    We continued and interviewing the second company. After we were done Alex says "doing great so far,one thing the conversation you had at the end of the interview was awesome. I will keep recording'

  I said  "great your the video guy and I am the talker"  He was amused!

  The night continued and we finished interviewing at the startup companies, the organizers and even got some testimonials!

  As it began to get dark Alex shared that he another surprise to share he said  "I have a drone"

  He left and a few minutes later a drone was hovering overhead, it was papparazi's delight. Everyone got there phones out and began to take pictures!

     Look forward to sharing the amazing interviews in the coming weeks.

 Moral of the Story: You may agree to do something and be excited about it. The surprise is occurs when you finally attend and get the true gift of opportunity to share your expertise.

Andres Sooneste getting ready

The drone hovering over us

Jim Pagiamtzis at the Softlayer banner

CN Tower and Condos in the distance

CN Tower behind the condos

MMVA 2014 preparations

MMVA 2014 preparations

MMVA Preparations

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