Sunday, June 8, 2014

Book Review: The Ripple Effect by Doug Grady


          This was an amazing book to read, it may seem thin but it there is more than meets the eye when you begin your journey with Doug Grady and learn that the powerful decision he made and the actions he took created results that change not only his life but created ripples all over the world!

      As you go through the chapter there are questions he asks you to answer which engages you to join him on the journey as you flip the chapters (slowly) and engage him and sharing his stories and how the impact of having mentors and leaders be part of you life.

         The Ripple effect is a must read. Think book with a powerful message!


Doug Grady and Jim Pagiamtzis

            Huge thanks to Erick Swanson for introducing me to Doug Grady at the recent Universal Seminars event in Toronto earlier this year in Toronto.

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  1. Thanks Jim, hope to see you again in Toronto soon!