Thursday, June 13, 2013

Journey in meeting Erik Swanson President & CEO of Universal Seminars

  It has been an amazing journey speaking and sharing all around Ontario and U.S, since 2008. Have met so many amazing people and learn so much. The past few weeks have been interesting and exciting in many ways.

It all started on June 5th when Erik Swanson  joined us at Entrepreneur Speed Networking group in Newmarket where sharing insight on Think and Grow Rich by Dr Napoleon Hill. Everyone enjoyed his teaching and training on fundamentals on success. Who ever would like some awesome success e-books from Erik personally, email him at

  Two days later I was Entrepreneur Club event with Soul City Social Group and who do I see again, Erik! It was getting interesting. The afternoon was an amazing success and after the event I sat down to talk with Erik Swanson for bit. Turns out he wanted to talk to me because he had an offer to make!

Eric Swanson and Jim Pagiamtzis at Entreprneur club on June 6th,2013
                                      Erik Swanson  and Jim Pagiamtzis at Chalkers Pub on June 7,2013

   On Tuesday June 11 I was due to give a 10 minute talk on Networking your way to Success at the end of talk  that Tom Kaufmann ( my early mentor) was making. Erik Swanson had come to hear me speak on the topic.

                     Erik Swanson and Jim Pagiamtzis and Enterprise Toronto June 11, 2013

    Pleased to announce that I have joined Universal Seminars this month and will be speaking on Networking and Sales for the next few months in Toronto area. Look forward to it! FREE TRAINING WORKSHOP FOR YOUR TEAM AT YOUR OFFICE, JUST EMAIL US AT FREETRAINING@UNIVERSALSEMINARS.COM  CHECK OUT ALL OF THEIR GREAT SPEAKER LINE-UPS  UNIVERSAL SEMINARS

Moral of the story: Believe in what you do and the universe will work with you to make it happen!

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