Thursday, June 6, 2013

Experience of putting together model of Prowler (sportscar)

  It was spring of 2012 and I was coming back from the gym when I came across a yard sale on Palmerston Avenue (Annex area in Toronto). They were selling various items from records, toy etc.

 Few items caught my interest that day from a fancy remote control car, 20 pieces of personal development audios and box with incomplete model of prowler. I made an offer for everything and went back few hours later to pick them up. (will share the story of the rest of the item on a future blog)

 I had never put together a model as far a could remember and I was interested in the challenge. (At that point at didn't realize the true challenge I was going to have to complete this project)

 Few weeks later I got the box and proceeded to open the box and to my surprise and horror (yes at the same time!) all the little tiny pieces that had to put together. Luckily there were instructions!

  I scanned through instructions to get an idea how this model was going to be build. It looked very straight forward in the diagrams, building it was going to be an interesting journey.

  I began to put the model together, from the engine (which was the most complex part), under carriage to the exterior body. Each piece need to be glued and carefully placed in the correct position.

The glue was very sticky and my finger were always sticking to each other, at certain times it got really annoying. I did run out of glue and made a few trips to reload. I did take my time to put it together and in the end I was satisfied with my project.  It wasn't entirely perfect like the box showed but close enough.

 As you will see below the original was purple and after a few weeks I painted it red to give it a different look.

  In the end I learned three things.

  1st  Instruction were very useful

  2nd Patience is important

  3rd  Having the end in mind that I WILL finish this project was priceless!

  The last two pictures are of  yellow prowler that I saw in Bay and Yorville area July 2012. It is a amazing look car

                                                Model Prowler (purple) with baggage holder

                                                Model Prowler (red) with baggage holder

                                               Real Prowler on Yorkville in Toronto

                                              Real  Prowler on Yorkville in Toronto

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  1. Nicely done, Jim. I haven't assembled a kit since high school. In those days I made Estes model rockets. Precision mattered because they flew with single-use engines and landed with parachutes. I learned an important lesson: don't paint your rocket green!