Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review: Selling with Integrity by Sharon Drew Morgen


   Selling is a process. Sharon Drew Morgen defines it, explains it and give the rational reasons why buyer and seller act the way they do. She share the there is no middle ground but a "we space" where the magic happens and where results manifest.

  The act of making a "sales call" is defined. analyzed and explained on what the sellers is saying and what the buyer is hearing.

 On Creating a Win-win Environment
 " The shift I am describing is from a saleperson as authority to salesperson as servant. Win-lose no longer needs to reign when you can make more money  and sell you product appropriately through ethical based methods that support the integrity of each individual in the process. You must work from the assumption that it's your job- in fact, your responsibility to create a win-wen relationship with respect and integrity. And in return,you will have buyers who will work with yo in trusting, creative relationships.
         People who train with me are amazed at how easily I form relationships with prospects: I just be with them. And since people only buy what they need, the way they need it, from people they trust, it doesn't matter how useful or powerful or wonderful my product is if people don't trust that I have their best interests at heart. Ultimately, all I have is me and my ability to serve. The product or service for which they pay me is the deliverable"
 On Assuring You are Heard
     "  As a seller, you must take the responsibility to make sure your speak in a way you are heard. You must continually check on the "We Space" to make sure the prospect is in there with you. Because prospects usually don't know how to uphold their end of the "We space" (nor do they know you well enough initially to want to), it is your job to make sure that the ideas communicated from both end of the conversation are understood."

             " People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy!" Robert Rohm Founder of Personality Insights

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