Saturday, June 8, 2013

Entrepreneur Club with a big surprise!

     It was awesome Friday afternoon at Chalker Pub and Bistro for the Entrepreneur club hosted by Steve Flemming of the Soul City Social Group.

   We had an amazing discussion on challenges and opportunities entrepreneur have to grow their business from networking, prospecting and sales.  Attendees had the opportunity to address the audience on what they do and challenges they face, in return they offered there feedback and suggestions. (even yours truly got up to participate, I know you not surprised!)

  There were also two coaches available to do complimentary one-on-one session. Frank Mahoney, Speaker, Author and Coach and Peira Bonventre. Many attendees participated in the session.

   Near the end of the event I got approached by an attendee who ask me "Do you remember me?"

  I responded " I get that a lot (LOL) I have spoken to thousand of people in five years so you have to refresh my memory please?"

  I had done a 4 week training programs two years ago at the Wellesly Community Centre for youth who interested in entrepreneurship. Shared insight on networking, business planning, mentoring and sales strategies.

   Sean Fletcher had attended all the session and he shared with me that he had an idea to start a clothing line and he had done it!  I was so excited I hugged him!  He actually gave me a shirt as a Thank you for inspiring him to go for his dream. (Third picture down)

   It was such an interesting and inspiring afternoon to be around amazing entrepreneur who are passionate and drive to grow their business.

  Moral of the Story. Attend events in your area, you many meet someone who have inspired to achieve their dream!

                                               Steve Flemming listening to Felicia Weinstein share.

                                            Erik Swan and Jim Pagiamtzis give event thumbs up!

                                                 Sean Fletcher and Jim Pagiamtzis with Ace1shirt

                                                      Ace1One business card (front)


                                                  Ace1One business card (back)
For more information on Steve Flemming group and future events check out links below

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