Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Speaking at Happen in Burlington led to Corporate speaking engagement.

It was 2nd time speaking in Burlington and was looking forward to it. First time I spoke there wasn’t a great experience  and was looking forward to doing a better in communication the P-A-R system to the audience  that morning.

The presentation went very well and I was relieved to share the system with the audience that day. As always I give you my business card and encourage everyone to connect with online with LinkedIn and other social media site if they choose.

Few weeks later I got a call form Jim Flower who attended that session and was currently the Sales Manager for Burkert Fluid Control System in Burlington,Ont. He was very impressed with the presentation he saw at Happen and wanted me share two presentation with his sales staff in early November. By the way this was a paid talk!

We had some discussion via email and phone and decided on two topics
1st Sales Success Strategies
2nd How to create a network of Success

Moral of the Story:
Every opportunity you have to speak and share your expertise is an opportunity for other to learn and grow. If you they like what they hear they will connect with you to share other opportunities.