Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Constant Contact opportunity (October 2011)

I have been doing at newsletter  campaign for the past 5 years that started from a challenge that given by Darren Weeks at Fast Track to Cash Flow event in Toronto. 

It was an journey that yielded experience of  results and feedback that I was able share events and experiences that I was living in my journey of an entrepreneur.

had attended   few presentations done by Lisa Kember (Regional Director for Constant Contact Ontario). In  October 2011 made the decision to use their 60 Day Free Trial offer to better connect and engage with my online audience. It turns out due to the size of my list that had created I had to pay for the service.( I was good with that)

I launched 2 successful email marketing campaigns for event happening in November and December, had also attracted lots of interest for fellow professionals and entrepreneurs on having great engagement and results!
In early December got together with Lisa Kember for a coffee in the Annex. She wanted to learn more about  writing and speaking success and had program that could use to generate revenue with some the leads I created. 

It was called Solution provider program and gave me access to a revenue in registering clients to the program. It also gave me the ability to take some online courses to better understand what Constant Contact does in the social media . The courses were by webinar and power point and had great insight and content on how to leverage social media with business and small business owners.

She has also asked to email her a couple of links of speaking that I had done in the past few months,sent her to You Tube videos and thought nothing of it.

In mid-January had attended an event that Lisa Kember was doing at the Dowtown Marriot and during the event I was asked various questions by Lisa (not  rehearsed) regarding my experience that I had in the previous month, included getting 5 referrals in December, the audience was amazed and impressed!

After the session Lisa Kember invited me to lunch to discuss another opportunity that may be of interest. We were enjoying our lunch when she began to talk about a new team they were starting in Toronto called Authorized Local Experts they would be handling more the talks in the regions so she could focus more on outside GTA and other corporate work in her region of Ontario.

She was impressed with my speaking ability and how I been improving in journey of becoming a great speaker (that explained the You Tube videos). I was thrilled to be asked and of course it was paid speaking!  Which made more exciting to participate!

There was contract to be filled out in the coming weeks and initiation process by head office to familiar myself with content to be shared and how to be executed effectively.

There is funny story end this  journey of getting started. I had be email the contract to read and sign on January 2th at 3:00pm and had great opportunity to speak at a meet up group the next in day Newmarket on How to become a Networking Success. As it turned out in the contract I could combine constant contact information with my own presentation. (How good is that!

I needed to fax over the contract back to them that evening( in order to speak the next day) as it turned out a few  months back had found a HP flat-bed scanner and only used it a few times. Inquired via email if  I could scan and email the contract to them. They approved and I made it happen. Power of technology at work! Contract was confirmed and approved by my contact that evening and was ready to go for the next morning!
Spent the evening reviewing and practising the presentation a few times and as it turned out didn’t have access to portable screen or projector for this presentation, didn’t matter thought it was a small crowd of  10 attendees so I used my laptop for the presentation and use the speakers notes as a guide.

As I do with all my talks, I had brought my video camera and recorded the event and  I them uploaded to Youtube and emailed it to Lisa Kember for her to review. Feedback was fair and had  potential for improvement.

Lisa Kember was impressed with my persistence and determination to get the contract and speak the next day! It was a Constant Contact record that was created.( you can clap now)
It  took Lisa Kember  5 days to do her first talk after she signed her contract.

Since then have done 4 more presentation and even went to Kingston and Ingersoll to do corporate training. We very well from the feedback  we got few weeks later.

Look forward to going out and presenting and sharing great information in the weeks and months.

Moral of the story:

Moral of the story:
Every speaking is opportunity that you could be auditioning for future opportunities. Make it your best!

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