Monday, September 3, 2012

Journey to The Entrepreneurs Club

At recent event we discussed few areas of challenges for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.
1st Nasty Customers
The goal is not to have may “nasty customers” in your business but  when you do there a few things you can do that can minimize the effect of turning the situation  from a negative into a positive.
Listen and agree for as long as you can, many times its just them venting their frustration and this is where patience is required.  Saying  “I agree” or “I understand” would be appropriate. Responding is where you have to be able to not only understand the situation but able to satisfy the needs of the upset customer.
Turning around the conversation around requires to set boundaries on what can be done and tone your voice is extremely important. You want to sound sympathetic and understanding regarding the issue (we are human afterall!).
There can be huge advantage of turning this customer into a future customer who could  rave about your  customer service.  Understanding what you and your business can offer would be very important to ending this conversation on a positive note.

2nd  Building a team
There were numerous entrepreneurs are building teams in various types of business models from bricks and mortar to online businesses. There 2 attributes you look at having in your team
A) Commitment in the journey, you will have your successes and  failures. The important factor is are they willing to overcome those when they happen and can they overcome them.
B) Integrity in participating from being education (by mentor) to attending meeting , doing daily things over and over again from phone calls, networking and reading.

3rd  When to expand
As businesses grow the ability to create new networks and build new products and services becomes important. How you  communicate that is a key strategy in your business. Promoting to your target marketing is important and may prove challenging.
Utilizing social networking groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Meetup is great place to educate and attract your customers
Join specific groups in your local area and attend events. You can offer samples of your product or insights into you coaching or writing business.

4th Connecting with decision maker/closing the deal
This where where the rubber meets the road. To close the deal and get the sale is the most important step that needs to get completed to finish the sale.
There a few strategies to  have success in this step.
A) speak with confidence and clarity. There is no room to be indecisive at this point, if you require to use a simple script to make sure you articulating the right thing then use on.
B) get passed the secretary (gatekeeper) is often seems very challenging to overcome. If you do your research and you know who you are trying to reach then this step is very straight forward. If not  it may lead you to a dead end. With the world of company directories through phones systems and  annual reports it should be easy to locate information on your specific contact

These are few areas that  entrepreneurs need to learn and understand to have a successful business.
Attend events in your area and learn from others  about areas that interest you. There are Meetup groups in every area held throughout the week.

Read about successful people. Send me an email ( and put “send me spotlight series in the subject bar and I will email 40  amazing entrepreneur and professional  that I have interviewed. Truly inspiring and motivating answers!

These were a few challenge that were shared with audience on this night and there may be more challenges out there.  The key is to look not at the challenge but the opportunity within it that you can succeed. You can reach out and  learn, share and attract the right mentors and leaders to be your success team of the future.

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