Monday, September 3, 2012

Profit Speaker event on November 17th

The is going to be the event of the year. Get you tickets today 2 for 1 for short period of time. (link below)

Who will be training you and what will they teach you during this workshop?

Justin William McMakin an instant website service (it actually powers this very website) and most recently the Full Media Center. He has served hundreds of companies with branded media and marketing communications in several industries.
He has recently become an author to share over a decade of web mastery knowledge with the world.
You will be given a copy of his first published book “The 30 Minute Website Workbook” when you attend this event.
A simple yet powerful book designed to share valuable insights that will empower the average non-technical person to become more confident using the Internet and web publishing as a tool to leverage online marketing and entrepreneurial success.

What you'll learn from Justin: your unique selling proposition with clear concise copy copy that converts leads into sales elevator speech and 10 word description the "itch" your business will "scratch" your marketing vision to clearly express and share it End Back End (FEBE) Marketing Funnels Media T.R.I.P.S contact leads to long term client relationships using media communication systems video websites & integrated targeted campaigns the marketing dots with multi-media and technology

Jim Pagiamtzis
 Author of Get Connected 21st Century!  & Authorized Local Expert, Constant Contact Inc.

Jim Pagiamtzis is an Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact. He presents to a variety of networking groups, educational organizations and small business groups on using email and social media to create new opportunities.

A published author and professional speaker, Jim Pagiamtzis is also the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen. His articles have also been included in numerous small business and professional publications, blogs and online sites. He is also a frequent contributor to radio and online television programs.

Since he became a professional speaker in 2007, Jim has spoken to corporate organizations, small business groups, employment initiatives and college audiences across Ontario. He delivers both keynote presentations and learning seminars in a dynamic speaking style, empowering and inspiring his audiences to apply his simple and effective systems.

What you'll learn from Jim: of networking called P-A-R to run effective email marketing campaigns to measure your social ROI to leverage events to boost your profile

How to make you brand standout offline and online  How to effective run events and promote you business Media Made Simple/3 Keys to Email Marketing


“I have seen Jim's presentation "3 Keys to Email Marketing with Constant Contact" and thought it was fantastic! Rarely have I seen such an enthusiastic & positive presenter and advocate for his business/company. He was able to raise the level of excitement in the room and get people excited in the company he represents. I highly recommend Jim.” June 21, 2012
John Goldstein, Owner/Photographer/Video Producer, John Goldstein Photography & Video Production

“'Listening to Jim at a seminar held by BOLD Academy was a wonderful experience. His knowldege of the subject matter, subtle humour and people personality, were extremely engaging and are a definite asset for any organization.'” June 4, 2012
1st Seema Abbasi, Government Service, City of Mississauga

One more speaker will be revealed shortly...

Tickets are $97 today  tickets are 2 for 1 for now

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