Monday, September 3, 2012

Get Connected 21st Century: New Services offered

 I have decided to start offering business coaching to empower entrepreneurs and existing business owners. Having created results in the 10+ years (being published, successful mastermind group to corporate training).  Feel free to forward this message. If any of it turns into business, will offer a referral fee! I currently offering assistance in the following areas: Prices will vary (will discuss upon meeting)
·         Access to Mastermind groups.
·         Marketing Strategies that work.
·         Website development for industry experts.
·         Public Relations and how to use it effectively.
·         Editing services.
·         Free 1 hr consultation.
·         How to start a blog and make it work.
·         How to write a book in less than week.
·         Opportunities to speak at events  that I organize or have access to.
·         Presentation strategies to enhance to ability to educate and sell
·         Social Media service from Email Marketing, Surveys, Event Marketing, Social Campaign using the Constant Contact forum

Its all about “Learn, Do and Apply” Blair Singer

Jim Pagiamtzis 

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