Sunday, September 23, 2012

Journey to Word on the Street 2012

 It was gloomy Sunday with cloudy skies but that didn't stop the Word on the Street from happening. Toronto hosted one of the largest displays of books from all genres. 

 Met two amazing authors (see below) and lots of great opportunities!  

 1st Checkout You upload articles on any topic. Software was created in Toronto!

 2nd  KOBO had great offering.(see below) Upload you book get 80% commission. ( I ran back to the office!) 

3rd. Great book deals.  I got 4 copies of Drive by Robert Herjavec from Harper Collins. There were selling for $3, I offered $10 for all 4 and they agreed! Now that negotiating Dragons Style :)

 4th  Editing for Freelancers 

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis contributiong to Random Words of Inspiration
                                            "Get Connected 21st Century"

                                                    Jim Pagiamtzis sitting in the Hobbit chair.
                                                    Movie coming out in December!

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis and Didi Lemay and her new book

                                             Marlene George and her two books!

                                          Gail Vaz-Oxlade sharing insight on her book.

                                         Wattpad booth. Canadian success story. Check out the site!

                                            Driven by Robert Herjavec
                                                    Kobo writing life offering
                                            Scribendi editing opportunity

Moral of the Story:  Go out to events in your neighborhood. There are lots of opportunities out there. Take advantage of these presented here.

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