Friday, September 7, 2012

Journey to meeting Yannick Bisson


His is a well-known actor and celebrity with hits shows from Murdock Mysteries & Sue Thomas FBeye ;  and you see him CIBC commercials and promotions. What you don't know it I went to school with him!

Let's go back in time shall we...

It was Central High School of Commerce 1989 and I was in the geography class with Yannick Bisson. We has a very stern teacher in Mr. Murakami and one day I distinctly remember watching him read some material very intently and it wasn't geography! 

Leaned over and mention to him he should focus on the class, he said "I am reading this movie script for "Hockey night" auditioning for it soon can you cover the notes for me for this class?"

I said "of course, Future movie star!"

Getting to back to today 2012

He has gone of to stardom and had great acting career.

Few years back I had run into him during filming of the Sue Thomas FBeye show in Toronto. We had a quick conversation about the story above and was genuine impressed that I remembered!  (next time will take a picture)

Interview with Yannick Bisson

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