Monday, July 9, 2012

Wayne Gretzky story

Six Degrees of separation is shorter than you think!

In the mid 90's I worked as a shipper/receiver in the retail store in the west end of the city. We dealt with many various courier companies throughout the day.

We had driver Bill Cornish who worked for UPS and he was very funny guy who we looked forward to dealing with on a daily basis. We talk about lots of topics but one day we were talking about hockey and he mentioned the Wayne Gretzky stayed with for few years when he was in juniors. We were like " I know Bill Clinton!" He didn't say a word in response.(smart guy)

The next day he brought us pictures with him and Wayne Gretzky!  (We apologized quickly)

He told us so many great stories of  things that Wayne did for Bill and his family. Sending them on trips to Atlanta (Olympics) and much more. Wayne Gretzky treated everyone for friends and family with respect and dignity and never forgot his roots.

Few years later I was watch a Hall of Fame induction on TV and Wayne Gretzky as making a speech at the end he thank the Cornish family for the support. (it was nice to hear)

In recent years have met Wayne's dad Walter Gretzky at Pearson international airport and other events.

Moral of the story:  Six Degrees of separation is shorter than you may think, the next connection you make may be interesting one!

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