Monday, July 9, 2012

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman Story

It was 1994 and Speed with Keanu Reeves had been released. I had  gone to the Varsity Theatre to watch the movie. It great movie! and to this day my favorite with Sandra Bullock (The Net & Miss Congineality)

As I exited the theatre and had to the escalator I noticed this tall lovely looking lady heading down the escalator, I was said " Hello" and she turn around and said "Hi"! It was Nicole Kidman (I nearly fainted) I looked down and there the Tom Cruise waiting for her impatiently. Wearing regular street clothes and sporting a goatee. (He was filming Interview with a Vampire at the time.

Before I could find a paper and pen they had vanished into the night.

Keep your eyes open you never know who will meet in your journey.

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