Saturday, July 28, 2012

Twitter Experience

  In early February I had attended an event on Friday night in Toronto and was a having great time enjoying the music and meeting new people.

   During the evening I got a text from a friend saying "Did you hear the Whitney Houston is dead". I was little shocked and saddening by the message. I turned to friend and relayed the message to her. She said "wait a sec" and she went on her phone to check her  Twitter feed to confirm what I had said to her. She turned around to me and said " Yeah you're right she is dead"

 I was little surprised for a few reasons, firstly she didn't believe me!, secondly she check her Twitter feed to confirm the news. She didn't go to website like CNN, Facebook to confirm.

That experience showed me the power that Twitter has created in our community online and hope people sharing news happens.

 Moral of the story: News travel fast always, getting it verified can be interesting experience!

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