Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book review: Talk to the Hand by Lynne Truss

Lynne Truss has written about a subject that we take for granted in our daily lives the act of please, Thank you are not said enough. We use the word "sorry" way to often and when not need just for the act trying to be nice.
Jim Pagiamtzis

Excerpt from book below

Two years ago, in Christianburg, Virginia, a psychology professor came up with a technological solution of road rage. It was a little green light that could be installed at the back of a car that could be flashed to say "please", "thank you", and "sorry" I believe a patent is actually in place, which make somehow want to burst in to tears. This academic reasoning was that, by means of his "Courteous Communicator", a driver could signal "thank you" (two flashes) or "I;m sorry" (three flashes) after cutting in front of another car.

Naturally, the invention was immediately quashed as unworkable and confusing, not to mention illegal and bit daft. A spokesman for the American Automobile Foundation  for Traffic Safely in Washington, DC, programatically pointed out that there already existed a courteous communicator in all cars. "It's called a turn signal." he said "and some people don't even use that."

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