Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Manage Your Time Like a Champion

Would you like to be able to reach
your goals in half the time? Would you like to have
a greater sence of control over your life?

People that have a sence of control over their
lives are happier and more confident than people
who feel out of control.

A big part of achieving that sense of control is
to learn how to manage your time. Time management
is a skill. It can be learned. But like everything else
in the game of success, it comes down to a decision.

jim You have to make a decision that
you will do what it takes to take control of your time.

Once you have a clear goal you are working
towards, you must decide two things; number
one, to start doing the things that will get you
closer to your goal and stop doing the things
that will keep you from your goal, and two, to
work on the most important tasks first.

In actuality, you will not be managing time.
You will be managing yourself so you can take
maximum advantage of your time.

The first step in time management is to make
a list of the tasks you'll need to complete in
order to achieve each of your goals and to
prioritize your list.

The second step in in managing your time
is to start planning your weeks and your days
in advance. Sunday evening is a great time to
plan your week. And the end of your workday
is a great time to plan your next day.

Remember... plans change but the act of planning
gets you to think about the road ahead and saves
you time in the long run.

Why plan the night before? Because if you do,
your subconscious mind will work on your task
list all night long. Many times you'll wake up in
the morning with ideas and insights that will help
you during the day. Once your subconscious mind
is working for you, you will start attracting people
and resources you'll need to help you achieve your

Prioritize your task list. Determine which tasks are
urgent and which are truly important. Most people
spend their days working on urgent tasks that are
not important. People that are constantly reacting
to outside pressures (pressures like answering the
phone, interruptions, putting out fires, etc.) are
stressed and out of control.

The most effective people focus on important tasks
and put the urgent tasks on the back burner.

Important tasks are those that will have the biggest
impact on your long term goals.

Less than 20% of your tasks are important and
will determine your future. Focus on those. Over
80% of your tasks are time wasters that will not
contribute greatly to your future. Procrastinate on
those, delegate those,  or eliminate them altogether.
Focus on the key tasks.

Prioritizing your tasks is critical because whenever
you work on a particular task, you are choosing not
to work on all of the other tasks. That is why your
choice of which tasks you work on, will determine
your future. jim Do you want to leave
your future to chance, or is your future worth
planning for?

Once you start working on a task, work on it
until it is completed. Focus on only one task at
a time. Thomas Edison, arguably the greatest
inventor in American history, said that his success
was due to his ability to work continuously on
one task until he was finished. If it's good enough
for Edison, don't you think it's good enough for you
and me?

The best way to complete your tasks quickly
is to plan your day in a way that it will give you
long, uninterrupted chunks of work time. Sixty
to ninety minute chunks of time.

When your mind is focused on a single task for
long periods of time, you will accomplish many
times more work than if you are working on
several tasks simultaneously.

Finally, learn to say "NO" to anything that will
keep you from achieving your goals. Focus
single-mindedly on your desired end result, a
nd you will be amazed at how much you
achieve in your life.

Make it an Olympic Day!

Ruben Gonzalez

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