Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Perfect Workout- Training Your Mind Before You Train Your Body.

The Perfect Workout- Training Your Mind Before You Train Your Body.

By: Stephanie Joanne

Sweat dripping down your eyelashes and rolling down your cheeks as your mind is focusing on nothing other than your breathing. Counting your inhale and exhales with visions of oxygen coming in and fueling your body breathing out to expel all your bodies "badness".

The effects of ones mental headspace while training will have great effects on the quality of your workout. After all isn't that what we all want? A good workout! Sure, we all have those days when we just aren't feeling it. Time to ask yourself how many of those days could have been recovered. Getting yourself into a headspace that is effective for your optimal workout takes practice but is easier than you would think.

Try these tricks to have a perfect workout:

No phones allowed: Adopt a no phone rule while working out. Not only will this distract you this will interfere with the next few action items in this article

Breathing techniques: Vision whatever works for you. If you like the ocean make each breath your wave. If you like to count vision the numbers coming in and out of your nose and mouth and passing through your lungs.

Schedule: Not only should you schedule your workouts sessions, also schedule the exact time you have during each session. This way you are not worried about what you have to do that is falling behind as you have the time accounted for.

Flip the switch: Consider that the way you feel is only a choice. It is up to you to decide how you feel in every single moment and you have the choice to change it. If the way you feel at any given moment does not work for you then simply just choose to change it. Just like that!

These points may sound simple and straightforward but they have saved my clients and I from some epic workout fail. Sound to simple for you? I challenge you to do it!

Next time you hit the gym floor, ditch the phone, breathe in the goodness, know exactly when you are to return to the locker room and if you're not feeling it, just flip the switch.

Now go and have a great next workout!

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